सोमवार, दिसम्बर 11, 2023
Sabguru News is the fastest growing Indian hindi and english, Bengalli news portal which is connected whole world and provide true and reliable news like: weather news, business news, entertainment, politics news, sports news, career news, health and fitness, national & international news, and our aim is to aware & update to our readers.
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Sabguru News Stand and make popular just because of quality content and genuine people connectivity that’s why Sabguru News win many awards in the thousand of media group.
1. Swami Viveka Nand Award for Best True Information in Sep 2015.
2. Naradh Muni for Play good role in the journalism in Aug 2016
3. Naradh Muni Digital for Earlier grow in the Digital Market in 2014-2017.
4. Awarded by Google for google product in (2018).
5. Now working with Google product. (2019).


Sabguru News the domain name is sabguru.com/18-22 started in 2014, this is totally news media website where sabguru.com/18-22 cover whole word in different type of categories example: India, world, business and science, career, entertainment jokes, wired news, sports politics, Technology, weather and more.

Sabguru News publish content it on real time basis and Sabguru News connected with so many big platforms where Sabguru News content listed directly without any break time.

Now this is very happy to feel tell you Sabguru News connected with these big platforms.

  • Times of India.
  • Daily Hunt.
  • Google News.
  • News Dog.
  • Jio News Express

And so many other news platforms where Sabguru News content published.

How Many User Connectivity on Sabguru News

This is very important good question about Sabguru News like how many users on Sabguru News so Sabguru News have around 1 million user in a month with different type of categories.

Sabguru News Google Standing

Sabguru News is a good quality content website so sabguru news Goodwill is very positive affected in the Google search engine when Sabguru News publish any news/article/post then it will be crawl in Google in the next 2 minutes and this is very big achievement for Sabguru News.

Publish Direct Content for Big Brands

Sabguru News working with so many big platforms where Sabguru News explore standards mostly Sabguru News write about business-corporate and auto mobile, banking sector and Sabguru News have very big connectivity with them Sabguru News connected with R.u.j Group, Godrej, Samsung, TVS, Mahindra Auto, Jaipur rugs, HDFC Bank, ICICI, Aavas, Aadhar Housing Finance ltd and more

Sabguru News achievements Details:

Sabguru News selected very high performer in Google product with two other big names where is Aaj Tak news and second is Punjab Kesari and Sabguru News representative invited in Google India and represented all working skills and style with 200 other digital media website and applications team member.

And now still part of a Google product where Sabguru News working for improve regional content.

Google awarded Sabguru News two times in the last 1 year and ready to join next program in Google.