For Amit, the way to higher education is easy


Jaipur | Rajasthan Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship Scheme run by Labour Department for children of construction workers which is proving to be helpful.

Rajasthan Chief Minister’s Higher Education Scholarship Scheme has proved to be a boon for Rampratap Saini, a construction worker of Dhanani (Dhady) Khandela in Sikar district. With the assistance provided to Rampratap Saini under the scheme, he will now be able to fulfill his dream by imparting higher education to his son Amit.

Rampratap Saini is very happy to receive assistance for his son Amit in the Chief Minister’s Education Scholarship Scheme run by the Labour Department. Rampratap Saini said that now the path to higher education for the child has become easier.

Rampratap Saini lauded the scheme of Labour Department Sikar and the State Government saying that at this time of price rise, we have done our job to the poor labourers by giving incentives of scholarships by building and other construction workers to the children of labourers and workers. Our children, who had dropped out of school due to financial difficulties, will now be able to continue their studies after receiving assistance under the Scholarship Scheme and pursue higher education and build a better future.