India is identified on the basis of the rivers of Bhumi Ji, whether this identity is now becoming blurred because the major rivers of India have become profane due to pollution, which is often attributed to the flow of dirty water into the rivers but it flows itself. But it is done by the corrupt we are, why do we allow it to happen, why billions of rupees have been spent by the Government in terms of cleaning the rivers, but yet it does not become clean because of which there are many prominent people during the religious festival.

Is it not so much population controlled by the Government so that there is so much pollution in the rivers, urban nallas and factories are also the biggest part of the river, such as the control of the fence, and to control the filth.

There is devastation and it is often when there is heavy rains and the roads in the cities are flooded with dirty water and the water level of the rivers rises. The water that goes to these nello is filtered by the Government only forty per cent by the plants, which is why the river water is not clean. and it can be as clean as other countries.