Creepy! Gangrape of a woman’s body removed from grave in Pakistan

Men dig up grave to rape womans dead body in karachis landhi town
Men dig up grave to rape womans dead body in karachis landhi town
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Karachi Disgusting and gruesome acts of some unknown people have emerged from Karachi, Pakistan where the body of a woman buried in a graveyard in the city of Landhi was removed from the grave and gang-raped.

The family of the deceased woman does not want to register a case in relation to this horrific incident. After this disgusting incident, a large number of family members of the woman and their relatives have gathered near the Ismail Goth cemetery. He said that the corpse of the deceased came out of the tomb by some people and gang-raped her. The deceased was buried in the tomb a day before the incident.

While giving information about the incident on Tuesday, Jio News said that it was not known how many people were involved in carrying out this disgusting incident. The family said that the caretaker responsible for maintenance at the cemetery told them that a dog had removed the slab from the freshly built tomb. But the family of the woman does not believe that the dog will be able to remove the slab from the grave. He also said that the tomb-digger later disappeared from the cemetery.

On the other hand, police have gathered evidence from the crime scene and confirmed that the grave-digger is missing. He said that raids are being conducted to search for him.

Relatives of the deceased woman did not wish to take any legal action on the matter before the police and insisted that such an incident should not be repeated in future.