Streamline user friendliness in your hybrid mobile applications with Open-Source NPM Tool


Making Mobile apps user-friendly is an ongoing priority for developers. cordova-plugin-facebook-account-kit, an open-source tool first released in late 2017, tackles this challenge by simplifying user login.

Trusted by over 7,350 developers globally, this plugin allows users to log in to your hybrid mobile app using their Facebook accounts or phone numbers. This eliminates the need for them to create separate logins and passwords, offering a faster and more convenient experience using Email/Mobile number.

Here’s how cordova-plugin-facebook-account-kit benefits users and app developers:
Effortless Login: Users can sign in with just their email address or phone number, a smoother experience than creating new login credentials.

Reliable Experience: The plugin includes features to handle login successes and errors effectively, ensuring a dependable user experience.

Customizable Look (Optional): You can adjust the login screen’s appearance to match your app’s design, creating a consistent and visually pleasing experience. The latest version (0.1.7, released in 2023) offers improved UI customization options.

Cross-Platform Support: A Plus for Hybrid Apps

A significant advantage of cordova-plugin-facebook-account-kit is its cross-platform support. This means you can integrate Facebook Account Kit login functionality into your hybrid mobile app that targets both iOS and Android devices using a single plugin. This simplifies development and ensures a consistent user experience across platforms.

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Learn complete information about the plugin on NPM and how to use it: NPM Package
By incorporating plugins into your hybrid mobile app, you can offer a more user-friendly user experience that encourages wider adoption and better engagement. The purpose of this article to showcase the benefits about open-source work, collaborations, NPM packages, and sharing knowledge from the author. N.B. Meta removed all support regarding account kit in June, 2020.

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