Top Fantasy Application hosting server provider in india

Fantasy App hosting India: Today fantasy app evaluation going very well in the all type of sports whatever it is cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, badminton or etc. and for this these type of platform need a good server platform required and for this y2k solution offer best cloud hosting solution for the fantasy app where all fantasy app based on user ratio and all people promote these team, player via fantasy app platform and for this it need a good response from the application side and for that only one hosting provider who are offering vps cloud server with high core machines with good security  architecture and firewalls also this architecture apply with cluster or can say redundant server architecture where user get high quality experience.

Top Application list who are running into the cloud

  • Dream 11
  • Trump 11
  • Team 11
  • MyTeam 11
Note: If you want to run your application with the high performance then you can go with the y2k solution cloud hosting service provider where we are offering good deal compare with the aws, digitalocean, linode, we have high expert team for the fantasy app setup, migration, firewall, security and more where you user can get fast performance in the little bit or low environment.

Fantasy app best server location

If you’re searching best server location for the fantasy app server location then you have to decide you user or audience because it’s all depends on user region but in the some cases you have already fixed requirement then we can also provide you choice for that y2k solution have many location for the fantasy app server like India, Europe, Us and more but our recommendation is that if you’re running your fantasy app in the  india location then choose India location for your fantasy app platform.

Best Fantasy App Server by SEO

Some time location is important according to the SEO so if you want to good seo your fantasy app then always choose related location where from your most of user connected
and this is also good for the security that mean when you will define you location according to the user then you can bound spam traffic out of your location ex: If you’re targeting Indian user then you have to go with the server location India and have to block or stop user out of india and for this our server admin can help because we always assign a support team with our server where you can ask any thing about your app activity.

Top Server platform for the fantasy App

  • Aws
  • Digital Ocean
  • Y2k Solution (Best with the others)
  • Linode
  • IBM

Why Y2k Solution Best for the best Fantasy App Server Provide compare with the others

Y2k Solution best fantasy app server provider in india and out of india as well but it doesn’t mean that other provider is poor then y2ks hosting, There is so many fantasy hosting server provider in the market who are already offering good service like Aws, Digital Ocean, Linode, Ibm and more but these are just offering server for you application but Y2k Solution provide server with the support and not only support but with the fantasy app server with the server with the dedicated support team connectivity in to the Whatsapp Group, Skype Group and etc. and Y2k Solution also provide fantasy app server with the load-balancer which help you boost your app if you will get random high traffic.

State Base Hosing by Y2k Solution

Now if searching hosting by region then this is news going good for you because y2k Solution server now available with state hosting to find this type of service choose your state as per your requirement.