Your Responsibilities as a Driver & Road User


Driving on a city road is a very complex process, merely knowing how to handle controls of a car and knowing rules of the road is not enough. Apart from points mentioned earlier following qualities are needed to be a good driver.

1.) A good driver should be in sound health when he/she comes on road.

2.) A good driver needs to be courteous and patient.

3.) Must respect other’s right of way.

4.) Good concertation & must keep away from distractions like children or pet in the car.

5.) Avoids loud music while driving.

6.) Refrains from smoking, drinking and using cell phone during driving.

7.) Neither overconfident nor lacks confidence.

8.) If under influence of drugs/liquor remains off the road.

9.) Footwear and dress that does not prevent you to operate various controls.

10.) Luggage should not be loaded in your car in such a way that it obstructs mirror view or make you blind from certain angles.