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daily nri astrology
daily nri astrology

Senior mother, Shukla party, Ashtami date, wise Monday, Samavat 2076, Summer, Ravi Uttarayan, Navami at 22.24 hrs. Read the horoscope to see how your day will be today.

Aries:-Your day will prove to be moderately fruitful today. There will be discord because of misunderstanding with family members. No one will be able to take decisions faster today by reducing firmness in your mental behavior. Avoid taking any important decisions today. Wasted money spending and workload will keep your mind in order.

Taurus:-Your mind will feel happy with the news of a self-employed or a friend who is living abroad on this day. Will stand a favourable coincidence for those wishing to go abroad. There will be an opportunity to travel long distances. Work load will increase in office or business location. The business is likely to gain. Health will normally be moderate.

Gemini:-Ganesha advises you to keep in check the feelings of anger today to avoid any kind of unwelcome. Today’s day is not conducive to conducting an operation. Increased spending will experience economic hardship. There will be a discord with the family and the co-workers, which will cause you to experience mental discomfort. Health will deteriorate. God’s prayer and chanting will be relieved.

Cancer:-On this day, you will be a drench in the trends of fun and entertainment. Friends, the family will get an opportunity to visit the place of entertainment or tourism. There will be a purchase of delicious food and new vastras etc. The vehicle will get pleasure. In the public sector, there will be benefits in the field of value and business participation. The opposite linga will be the attraction to individuals. The presidencies will succeed in courting.

Leo: Today your family will have an atmosphere of enthusiasm. Together with family members, you will spend blissfully time. Physical health will be good. Kudos, Kirti and Anand will be attained. Will receive co-operation from colleagues in the job sector. The sick person will get rid of the disease. There will be good news and benefits from the Nnihal side. There will be defeats of competitors.

Virgo Zodiac:-Today you will be worried about the problem of children. There will be complaints about diseases like indigestion, abdominal pain. Students will be disturbed in their studies. Do not take part in intellectual discussion and dialogue. Prannoy will succeed in the episode. Will meet with the beloved person. Sexuality will remain high. Will take caution in share-speculative.

Libra Zodiac:-Today you will experience mental malaise by a whirlwind of extreme sensitivity and ideas. In the case of mothers and women, you will be worried. It avoid to travel with no favourable day for the yatra. There will be trouble with chest pains. There is a need to behave carefully in matters of land. Students will not be able to study their minds.

Scorpio:-Today is the day you will spend your family in a khushly manner. Will start the new task. There will be peace with the brothers and sisters at home. There will be a meeting with the Swasjans and friends. Is the sum of short stays. Your actions will be successful today. Fortunes will bring about profitable changes. Enemies and competitors will fail in their moves. Your popularity will increase.

Sagittarius:-Today you will have important discussions with family members in domestic affairs. Will make some new plans to overhaul the house. Important issues will be discussed with the high functionaries at the workplace. The office is likely to travel for work. Is likely to benefit from the mother and woman class. Your work or project will help the government. Will remain unwell from excessive workload.

Capricorn: This zodiac sign will be easily completed today. Your domination will increase in office or business location. There will be an atmosphere of bliss in your home life. Health will be good. Will continue to be a mental healthiness. The meeting with friends and sneers will be a joyous atmosphere. With the best food and clothing, you will experience happiness and contentment in marital life.

Aquarius:-Today you should refrain from taking one’s bail and doing economic transactions. May otherwise get bogged down in trouble. The amount of expenditure will remain high. Will not be physically and mentally healthy. There will be differences with the Swjans. One is likely to be in trouble in doing somebody’s interest. Keep a check on anger. There is a possibility of defamation.

Pisces:-Today you will have the opportunity to participate in social functions or ceremonies. The meeting with friends or Snehijans will give happiness to the mind. The scenic spot will hold tours. Will get good news. Will benefit from wife and offspring. Contingency money is likely to be received. There is a favourable day for buying items.