Meet one of the most followed model on Social media – Karan Oberoi ‘KO’


Leading model Karan Oberoi who is popular in the industry as ‘KO’, is the most popular Indian model on social media today. This popularity has put him squarely in the big league, where he has for company the Bollywood stars and cricket heroes. However, almost a decade ago, a very different life was waiting for him. A life that he would have been still living, had it not been for a fluke stint at modelling.

Karan Oberoi moved to Mumbai from his hometown Delhi, after bagging a job as a graphic designer for a leading advertising firm. Once, while standing in for a model, he realized that not only was he enjoying being in front of the camera but also that he was good at it. He took a leap of faith and decided to get into modelling.

Soon, Karan Oberoi began to be known by his peers as ‘KO’, a short form of his name. The fact that it also stood for ‘Knock Out’ in the world of boxing was a happy coincidence, and one that Karan Oberoi was thrilled to be associated with. The moniker stuck and soon ‘KO’ was the name that he answered to.

Karan Oberoi (KO) was keen on getting a physique at par with international standards and his quest to do so, saw him becoming a sort of fitness expert himself. He gave up every possible vice – alcohol, tobacco, junk food and sugar. He began to follow a disciplined regimen of exercise and healthy eating – one that he follows till date.

In a career spanning just ten years, Karan Oberoi, with his unparalleled dedication to bettering himself, has achieved more than most of his peers and made a mark for himself in the fashion industry as well as the fitness industry. He has featured in a number of reputed publications, walked for names like Varun Bahl, Rohit Bal and Arjun Khanna to name a few. He has also endorsed a number of commercial brands like Reebok, Aldo, Peter England, Jack & Jones, Royal Enfield bikes, Isuzu car, Timex digital Campaign. He is the only model to be the face of FBB for two consecutive years. All of this translates to big numbers on the social media front, with male fans looking up to him for his perfect body and female fans swooning over his drop-dead good looks.

Of course with all of that fame comes a fair amount of glory, and Karan Oberoi (KO) is no stranger to that. He was awarded the ‘Best Body’ at the Mr. India International pageant and even walked away with the ‘Youth Icon Model of the Year’ at the Global Leadership Awards of 2018. His unique sense of style ensures that he is a hot favorite with fashion brands. He has recently endorsed Spice Style and has just concluded a collaboration with a leading fitness brand. He will soon be promoting the fitness experience center on his Instagram page as well.

With one eye set on celluloid, Karan Oberoi (KO) is all set to make his big Bollywood debut as well. Going by his glittering trajectory, this is one milestone his fans are eagerly waiting for him to achieve!