Neel shah now like new powerful gadgets in digital media market


Neel shah from Surat (Gujarat) has reached the moons with his sensation digital strategies and extraordinary content.

Neel in his college going days became an Instagram daft with such unique and creative content source that one couldn’t skip making him a digital catch.

Neel shah with his Instagram pageLog kya sochenge ‘ (Lks) has created a buzz not only across India but also has caught the eye of the bollywood industry.

Neel shah with his tremendous social media knowledge and strategies has runner promotional campaigns for ‘tik tok, helloapp, aam aadmi party and vmate, likee and more.

Today, ‘Log kya sochenge ‘ is one of the biggest meme account in India having celebrities such as Hiba nawab , Gaurav Wadhwa and many more following.