Real responsibility of our Indian government

Real responsibility of our Indian government
Real responsibility of our Indian government

If you talk about the government today, then you will all be praised for having one party in your mind and all the evils about the rest of the party, but you support any party, today you are going to tell me something about which someone Even the government does not take any kind of step.

There are many things, but today’s issue is only poverty, now you will think that if every government talks about poverty, then tell us, are we talking about that poverty line or a poverty line that causes our country Development has stalled since the beginning. A simple example to explain this is that whenever you are on a traffic signal or in a market or outside a mall, you find beggars everywhere.

Why Beggars in India?

After all, where are these beggars coming from? There is a lot of problem in the traffic signal by these beggars, where on one side the challan is immediately presented to those who violate the rule of traffic signal, on the other hand, the people standing on the traffic signal have a place. Beggars surround it, due to which the traffic increases further but it is seen silently.

Due to which many small children and many old people keep doing business of begging around the vehicles here, it is not being made fun of anyone’s poverty, rather it is being told that this promotes many people and that work By stealing begging is better, a beggar makes a lot of money by begging from morning to evening or from night, which is enough for him.

Most of them get intoxicated with that money and take young children on the same path, but there is no such rule about it, but no government has come to know about it. But when a big leader is about to come out of a signal, then the entire road is cleaned, beggars there, then it becomes difficult for the common people to stand up. But no one talks about it, whether you believe in any government, it is your right that you should question your government about it. It is the responsibility of the government to take some of the strictest steps regarding this situation.

It is not that it cannot be improved. Many big NGOs who are making a lot of money through CSR, but do not raise any voice about work like beggars or begging on traffic signals. It has been going on from the beginning and is still going on and if there is no improvement, then it will continue to be necessary for you to be aware. The matter may seem small, but if you think carefully, you will realize how much our country’s development has stopped.

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