know about Real truth behind dreams


Dreams come to everyone. Every dream means and has fruit . Dreams are of 2 kinds one that we see in deep sleep after bedtime, the other one that we think for our golden future. Dreams are what is not real, but a mindset that we want us to get in the future. The dreams that we see in sleep are associated with our lives.

Many times in dreams, we see an event that is related to our past, or what is going to happen in the future. Sometimes we have the same thinking in our lives, as we live in Mahol, as we dream on the night. Dreams are not always incomplete, they are still complete, sometimes dreams are complete immediately, sometimes they give their effect after a short time. According to astrology, every dream has some meaning and meaning. Dreams are the mirror of our future, they warn us in advance of the coming trouble.

The city of dreams is in Paris, one of the 7 wonders of the world named Eiffel Tower, along with a variety of philosophical sites.

Say the morning saw dream comes true. I don’t know how much truth it is, but everything seen in the dream is something, man, and there is a deep sense of the incident. The better we understand the meaning of the event, the more we know the deepest mystery of our inner feelings. Keeping the ability to understand your dreams is a powerful tool. Remember no one can understand your dreams better than you. At times, these symbols appear in dreams also put us in concern. Everything seen in dreams, showing in it, animals, emotions, moods, colours, place, everything means, today I am sharing a small dictionary of dreams, you can understand your dream to a great extent.

If you have to understand the meaning of your dreams, you have to remember what you saw in your dream in sleep. Many people have problems that they don’t remember the dream, in the morning we forget what we saw at night. You can put emphasis on your memory in the morning and think about the dream so that it will remind you, after which you can read about that thing and understand its meaning.

What dreams mean
The look of an animal in a dream (Swapan phal view Animal) –

Dog – The dog in dreams appears in different stages. If the crying dog is going to appear mean bad news is going to come. Appearing a dog means someone can meet an old friend.
Cat – The look of the cat in the dream can mean your fight with someone.
Lion – The lion’s vision in dreams means your paused work is going to be completed, the trial will win.
Calf – It’s a good sign, it means you are self-sufficient and you are going to get money.
Camel – The camel’s look in dreams is not considered good. The look of a camel while walking can cause a physical problem. In addition, looking at a camel that is standing means you can have any kind of calamity.
Cow – Different secrets are hidden behind different kinds of cow appearance. If a white cow appears in the dream, you will benefit from the sugar and silver trade. The chitsbury cow will benefit in the business of interest on appearance. If you see cow’s milk coming out in a dream, it means that the property will benefit in business.
Black snake – It is good to see the black serpent in the dream, it means you will be financially strong and your value will increase your dignity.
Snake – A lot of people see snakes in their dreams, they are scared to see it, they start feeling something bad. But it’s not, it’s good to see snakes or snakes, it means all kinds of happiness in your life are going to come.
Fish – Fish is called an indicator of Lakshmi, its appearance means that you are going to receive money.
It is also good to see a lion or a lion, which means that all your enemies will be afraid of you. You will win in every field. Seeing a couple of lioness together means that your married life will be happy.
Elephant – The elephant’s dream is a good indicator, it says it increases the happiness in life. Elephants are viewed differently, which has different advantages.
The look of an elephant-female couple means your married life is going to be happy.
Seeing a standing elephant can mean a hindrance to some of your actions.
If you see yourself riding in an elephant in a dream, it means that happiness in your life will increase.
Animal – Seeing any animal in dreams means there will be benefits in the business.
Watching climbing on a horse – this means you’ll have a chance to move forward in your work.
Falling from a horse – this means you may lose your work.
The look of a pig – this can mean you may have any physical discomfort.
Fox – You’re going to get cheated by your very good friend.
Weasel – The mind of an enemy that you have will soon be removed.

Panchami, which is celebrated after Diwali, is celebrated with Panchami. It is of great importance in Hinduism.
Means to see a worm in a dream (Sapno Ka Matlab when view insects)–

Lizard – The look of the lizard in the dream is considered to be very ominous. The secret is hidden on how you see the lizard in the dream. If the lizard is sitting in one place, it means there is going to be an accident or loss. If a lizard appears to be eating a worm, it can be stolen in or around the house. But if the lizard is seen to be scared and running, it can be a good sign.
Bee – If a bee-filled umbrella appears in the dream, it is auspicious, it will continue to be a solidarity in your family. If the bee appears to be sitting on the flower, it means you’re going to be harmed in your business.
The appearance of it in a dream is very ominous, it means that you are going to cheat someone, and you will have to face a painful journey.
The look of scorpions is both auspicious. Its fruit depends on the condition. If you see it in a dream, it means that you are going to have a huge responsibility, which will increase your dignity. You will also find success in tasks. Some kind of loss or damage is possible if the scorpion appears to be biting in the dream. Black scorpion auspicious white scorpion is unlucky.
Monkey – family or friend may fight, or there will be some kind of discord.
Firefly – A hard time in your life is going to come.
Grasshoppers – You will lose business.

Looking at relatives in dreams (Swapan phal when view relatives) –

Friends :- The visible of friends in dreams means that your friend’s life needs your advice. Or you want your friends to listen to you.
Grandparents/Nana Nani:- Their appearing means wisdom, a sign of love.
Parents:- You are going to get respect in your field.
Relative:- Seeing a relative coming into your home in a dream means you are going to get new good opportunities.
Brother’s Look:- You can become your new friend.
Husband:- Seeing your husband in a dream is a good indicator, it will strengthen your relationship, and knock a lot of joy in life.
Teacher:- It is good to look at the teacher’s dream, it removes obstacles in life and achieves success.

Kartik Mas of Hinduism comes after amavasya, the primordial Kali Jayanti, which is performed by Tantric Puja.

The look of a festival in dreams (Swapan phal when view Festival) –

Looking at marriage – seeing something like that means that there is going to be a major crisis in your life.
Celebration – In dreams if you see yourself at a party, wedding or wedding, it means you’re going to go to someone’s condolence meeting soon.
Party – this means you are very happy for something. Or you’re missing an old party a lot.
Doli – Doli’s look in dreams is not considered good, its appearance means you are going to be in some kind of trouble.
Baraat – Baraat is also associated with marriage, just as the marriage is unlucky, the look of baraat in dreams is also not considered good.
Deepawali Festival – Enjoying Deepawali festival in Sapna means happiness in your life, your life will be full of gaiety.
Matchmaking – it’s ominous to look at the dream of matchmaking, its appearance means your marriage may be delayed, and suddenly there can be a misery.
Farewell – The farewell is considered auspicious, which means you will benefit financially.
Kanyadan – It is not good to see a girl’s day in dreams, it is a sign that there can be an accident or a crisis in your life.

The look of some kind of death in a dream (Sapno Ka arth when view Death) –

The look of a dead person – someone who dies, you talk to in your dream, means that a desire of the mind is going to be fulfilled.
The fact that you see someone else’s work means that some of the problems in your life are going to end and something new is going to start. The look of a dead means your desired desire is going to be fulfilled.
Suicide – It is a symbol of the fact that what is not unbearable and necessary in your life is to be thrown out.
Ghosts – it is considered ominous to see someone’s ghost in the dream, it means that you will face some kind of huge loss in the future.
Murder – this is an ominous indicator, it means you’re going to get cheated by the said one.
Meaning – Patients are considered to be good if they appear, which is likely to lead to their quick recovery.
Cadaver – it’s good, it means you’re going to be bhaagaria.
Talking to the dead man – this means that your mind is going to be fulfilled.

A good person has a lot of qualities, a few things to keep in mind to choose role models.
Fire Related Dreams (Sapno Ka Matlab When View Fire) –

Burns – Burns turns the darkness into light, it is always a good sign. This means that you have grown older.
Smoke – The look of smoke in dreams means you are going to lose business, and this disease is a sign of the growth of enemies.
Worshipping – if you see yourself doing puja lessons, your problems are going to end soon.
Fire – It is good to see fire in dreams, it is a sign of getting back the money that is paused, but if someone sees someone burning with fire in a dream, it is considered bad, it is a loss of business.
Catching fire – its look is a sign of wasteful expenditure.

Dreams related to nature (Dream meaning when view nature) –

River – It means your dreams are going to be fulfilled.
Seeing lightning fall – this means you can get caught up in any crisis.
Sky – This means you can be a son.
Indradhanush – this means that your health will be good.
Clouds – The vision of the cloud in dreams is a simple thing, but if dark clouds appear, there may be a crisis in the future. With the cloud, if you see the rain, it is a good indicator.
Stars – It’s good to look at it, which means that your heart’s desire is going to be fulfilled soon. The whole planetarium is considered to be very good in dreams.
Stone – This is an ominous sign, it is an indicator of the coming disaster crisis.
The mountain – it is good to look at it, you will progress in your life.
Ice – This means you’re going to meet someone your beloved soon.
Garden – This means you will attain happiness.
Mango tree – this means you are going to receive the son.
Roots – This will give you longevity.
Moon – Your respect will increase in the time to come.
Waterfall – Your sorrow is about to end.
Wash – You’re going to have a promotion.
Seeing lightning fall – you’re going to be in a crisis.
Lotus flower – will get rid of all diseases.
Well – respect will grow in society.
Honey – compatibility will come in your life.
Cuckoo – health will be good.
Pond – will withstand defeat from the enemy.
White flowers – the look of a white flower in a dream means getting rid of a problem.
Red flowers – this means that your luck is going to change, you will be bhaagaria.
Coal – You’re going to get into another’s fights.
Grass – The look of grass in the ground means that money will be received.
Dung – If you trade cattle, you will get the benefit.
Flood – You may lose business.

Do with positive thoughts to get rid of negative thinking, bearing the beginning of your day, will look in a few days.

Looking at the dream of a physical organ (Sapno Ka arth when view body part) –

Tooth fall – the fall of the tooth in the dream is ominous, it is believed that you will have to face a storm when you dream. This means that there is going to be a problem with your siblings in your home.
Cutting nails – it’s a good sign, it means you’re going to get rid of all diseases.
Bone – This gives you signs of getting your paused money.
Cut limbs – this will soon help you to receive a child, and your offspring will also be beneficial. But if you see your own cut limb in a dream, it is ominous, it means that one of your kin is going to be in the way soon.
Chopped head – if your own shredded head appears in the dream it means that you are going to have anxiety, some kind of trouble.

Looking at the dream of any kind of building (Swapan phal when view Building) –

It is good to see the building being built or building a building. This is going to give you progress in the future.
Height – Many people are afraid of height, they always fear that they should not fall from the heights. Seeing this fear in their dreams also means that there is going to be a problem in life.
Fort – shows your physical body or your ability to develop. At the same time, happiness is pointed out.
Mahal – It is a good indicator, it means that the jatakas are going to end.
Station – This means you will experience a pleasant journey in the coming time.
Cemetery – This means you will gain money and you will receive dignity in society.
Shop – Looking at empty shops is considered bad, it causes money loss, while it is considered good to see a full shop, it increases money.
Post Office – You will get an advancement in your work.

There are 10 places in the world which are bhutha places , Bhangarh in Rajasthan, India .
Looking at the dream of metal –

Getting Gold:- If someone in a dream is giving you gold means your wedding can happen quickly.
Tamba:- Seeing Tamba in dreams means you’re going to know something confidential about your life.
Iron:- It is considered ominous, which means that you are going to face an accident.

Looking at a vehicle’s dream (Sapno Ka Matlab when view vehicle) –

Train – This means you will have to face a painful journey.
Plane – this means your luck is going to change soon, your good time is going to come.
Bicycles – All your work is going to be done.
Ship – is the sum of a long journey.

Halloween Day of Christianity is of great importance, the history behind celebrating it is 2000 years old.
The visible of a particular person –

Children – seeing a child in a dream means that you don’t consider yourself mature for a job, or you need to grow more in the work you’re doing.
Cries baby – in dreams if the baby cries, there is no disappointment in your life, no sickness or any other bad news.
Laughing – If you see yourself laughing, it means you’re going to be dissected sooner than anyone.
Doctor – This means you’re going to have a disease.
Guests – This means your home is going to have trouble.
Postman – This means your home is going to be a good news.
Priest – You are going to get further future advancement.
Beggar – you can travel.
Widow – You’re going to suffer any harm.
Girl – Seeing a young girl is a good sign, it means your wedding is going to happen soon.
The look of sadhus, sannyasis – it means you’re going to start a good time early.
Doing penance, the sages’ look – this means you should donate.

Jerusalem is of great importance to Christians, Muslims and Jews, with a history of 3500 BC east.

Other things we see in dreams –

Cheating – cheating on your loved ones is a very common dream that is seen by an emotionally depressed person. Deception does not mean that your partner is wrong, but that you lack self-esteem, you feel guilty in yourself.
Fly – Watching yourself fly means you see yourself free up. You feel happy and good. You can go on a trip.
God’s look – it means you’re going to get a lot of money.
Turtle – You need the right understanding, the need for a sense, the lack of peace in your life, you have to walk slowly like a turtle instead of rushing into life.
Breaking glass – this dream is a bad sign, a tragic event can happen in your life. The death of a close may be reported.
Open door – this means that new beginnings are about to take a start in life, new friends can be created.
Earthquakes – natural disaster is not the thrust of anyone in earthquakes, it can come at any time. Seeing such a disaster in your dream means there is going to be any difficulty in the life of your offspring.
Wall – The wall’s look in dreams means your respect will increase.
Applying mascara – you may have physical distress.
Looking at the closed door – you will lose money in the future.
Seeing yourself fitted with glasses – this means your knowledge will grow.
Dung – This means you will benefit in your animal trade.
The look of the given – it also means that money will be received.
Catchy – this means there’s going to be some kind of tribulation in your home.
Blackjack – You will receive kudos.
Watching walking – this means, an unknown enemy is planning to harm you.
Watching the chase – seeing someone in dreams running behind you, it means you’re running away from any inner feeling, terrified. Girls who dream of it mean they feel insecure around them.
Watching the exam – seeing yourself in the exam hall means there is going to be some kind of difficulty in your life, which will not be less than an exam for you.
Watching the ring – this means you’ll find a good beautiful wife.
Seeing common accounts – meaning you’re going to get money quickly.
Looking at the green vegetable – it means you are going to have happiness in life.
Berries – this means the problems of your life are going to end.
Drinking water from the river – drinking water from the river in dreams means that your boss will benefit you.
Cotton – Cotton looks means that the time has come for your body to get away from the disease.
Giving a cheque – this means that you are going to receive the money of the ancestors.
Whip – You’re going to have a fight with someone soon.
Seeing eggs eat – this means you will receive a son.
Eating almonds – it means getting money.
Watching walking in the bridge – this means you should now work for the hit of society in life.
Green vegetable food – happiness in life.
Watermelon – enemies will grow.

Here are some things I’ve told you about your dreams. Also there are many things that give meaning to your dreams.

What does it mean to see the same dream again and again?

Repeated a single dream mostly means that all the concierge minds want to remind you of something forgotten .
Q: Why do dreams come?

Ans: Dreams are a special state of man’s mind, its human beings would not have been in their humanity. Dreams neither come in deep sleep nor are they awake, but they come in the middle of the two.
Q: What is the main reason for the dream coming?

Ans: The main reason for dreams is your food, living. Also, your body’s diseases have a special effect on the dream state.
Q: Do the dreams that come true?

Ans: No, according to research, most dreams are meaningless, some dreams are associated with our future.
Q: How does dreams affect human life?

Ans: If you think mostly throughout the day, or suffer from a disease, you can have dreams at night. Such dreams have no equal effect on man’s present and future. If you get a dream challenge, a warning, be a little conscious and think about it, it is important.
Q: What measures to take to avoid dirty, nightmares?

Ans: Dirty nightmares mean that you have negative energy. You should change your lifestyle. Think positively and proceed in it.