Top 5 Amazing Things about CRISTIANO RONALDO

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players to have ever played the game.

We believe that we know all about CR7, yet here are 5 Amazing things about Cristiano Ronaldo you may not be aware of:

His full name is Cristiano Dos Santos Aveiro. CR7’s dad was a big fan of former President of the US, Ronald Regan, and so he decided to give this name to his son.

Cristiano wanted to take the number 28 at Manchester. But Sir Alex himself made him wear the number 7. After that, he is known as CR7.

Ronaldo holds the attendance record in his presentation at Bernabeu. He gathered over 80,000 people in Madrid and broke the record of Diego Maradona.

Before settling with Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano has been linked with Irina Shayk, Nereida Gallardo, Kim Kardashian, Bipasha Basu and many more.

Cristiano is a man with big heart. He is one of the most charitable athlete on the planet.

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