Gambling is a subject of great interest to the Indian population, both to discuss and to practice. Before you gamble, there’s a lot to think about. This article will guide you through Indian gambling in general, and Indian online casino gambling in particular.

 A Debated Subject

Gambling is a widely debated subject all over the world. The interest in sports betting is great in most countries. With famous leagues as the Indian Premier League, India is no exception. A big part of the many viewers feels a need to gamble on the outcome of the games. Casino gambling is also of great interest for many Indians, whether it’s about winning the big money or just for the sake of entertainment. The discussion regarding legislation of casino gambling and sports betting engages a big part of the Indian population.


Gambling in India

In India, laws regarding gambling may be quite tricky to understand. What makes things complicated is each state has the possibility to formulate its own gambling laws. At the moment, there are only three states in India where physical casino gambling is legal. Goa, Daman, and Sikkim offer both land-based and offshore casinos.


Online gambling in India

For the population not living in any of these three states, online casinos are the solution. India is less strict on online gambling than physical. Only a small number of states have totally prohibited online gambling. Because of the fact that online gambling is many Indian’s only gambling option, there are lots of sites competing to be among today’s top online casinos in India.


When choosing your online casino, there’s a lot to think about. It’s important to gamble at a site that matches your needs. The Gambling Times helps you by ranking the best Indian online casino sites based on multiple factors.



One of the factors taken into consideration is bonuses. The online casinos let you take part of different types of bonuses. To maximize your gambling experience, you should know what bonuses you can obtain at different sites.


Payment options

The payment options are also an important part of online gambling. Almost all of the casino sites offer a wide selection of payment methods. Some options are better and more popular than others. Important factors when it comes to payment methods are how fast and how secure your deposit will be.


Customer Support

Another way of knowing you’re in safe hands is if the site offers reliable customer support. If you would have a problem or just a question or thought, it’s nice to know that you easily can get in touch with the site. The highest ranked online casinos offer multiple ways to contact them. Most casinos available for Indian players are located in Europe. This means the best casinos will have to offer customer support 24/7.


As this guide tells you, a lot of Indian gambling takes place online. You now know what’s important to consider when gambling online in order to make your experience as smooth, fun, and successful as possible.