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Kishangarh State was a princely state of India from 1611 to 1948. It was founded by the Jodhpur prince Kishan Singh in 1609.Prior to Kishan Singh this area was ruled by Maharaja Samokhan Singh[1] who was a distant relative of Kishan Singh’s family and grandfather of Naubat Khan.[2] Maharaja Samokhan Singh a Jodhpur prince[3] lost to the forces of Akbar and his grandson Naubat Khan was kept under house arrest.Naubat Khan later accepted Islam.

Kishangarh State was located between 25*49′ and 26*59′ in the north, and 70*49′ and 75*11′ east. Bordered on the North and northwest by Jodhpur; on the east by Jaipur; on the west and southeast by the Ajmer District and on the extreme south by Shahpura.