Why Brazil is not there in UEFA Nations League ?

Why Brazil is not there in UEFA Nations League ?

Many international football giants are playing in the ongoing UEFA Nations League. However, there has been no mention of football giants Brazil in Nations League. Many fans are confused and want to know Why Brazil is not there in UEFA Nations League ?

Portugal won the first UEFA Nations League trophy, beating Netherlands 1-0 in the final in June 2019. All big and popular national teams were there in the competition. 

France won the second edition be defeating Spain 2-1 in the final of UEFA Nations League 2021. 

Why Brazil doesn’t play in UEFA Nations League ?

The UEFA Nations League is a biennial international football competition contested by the Union of European Football Associations. Abbreviation commonly known as UEFA. Brazil is not there in UEFA Nations League because Brazil is not a member of UEFA, as it is located in South America.

Brazil cannot participate in UEFA Nations League because Brazil is not in the continent of Europe. UEFA Nations League is a football tournament for countries of Europe only.

Brazil is a South American country. Thus, they are a part of the South American football federation called CONMEBOL. Brazil does not come under UEFA. It comes under CONMEBOL. Copa America is a tournament for South American countries.

UEFA does not have a provision for members outside UEFA to participate in their tournaments. Hence, Brazil are not eligible to take part in UEFA Nations League.

The following are the continents and their respective confederations :

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Europe (UEFA)

South America (CONMEBOL)

North and Central America (CONCACAF)

Africa (CAF)

Asia (AFC)

Oceania (OFC + Australia)

UEFA Nations League

It is a competition between the 55 member nations of UEFA, created because “UEFA and its associations wanted more sporting meaning in national team football, with associations, coaches, players and supporters increasingly of the opinion that friendly matches are not providing adequate competition for national teams.

Brazil UEFA Nations League
Brazil UEFA Nations League

Format of UEFA Nations League

The 55 nations are split into four “Leagues.” The strongest nations are in League A, and the weakest in League D.

League A and B: Four groups of three nations (12 teams)
League C: Three groups of four nations, and one group of three (15)
League D: Four groups of four nations (16)

Teams within each group will play each other home and away.